Custom Columns and Messaging

Custom Columns
Five addititional folder index columns can be displayed. These columns are available for user customization on a per cabinet basis. Custom columns can display information from any assigned folder indexes for each cabinet. This capability is very useful in situations where you need something other than the Unique, Default or Reference headers. Custom columns can be viewed in Schedule, Workflow, Filer and the Folder listing panels. Since Schedule and Workflow can potentially display index information from different cabinets, each using different index descriptions, the user is allowed to create custom labels that will be used for Schedule and Workflow column headers.

Custom columns automatically appear in the column chooser listing. As in previous versions of PSIsafe, the column chooser is activated by right clicking in the column bar in workflow and the dashboard. Column chooser is new to Filer and Folder listings.

Labels and Index settings are set in the client by going to Options>Client>Custom Columns. Options is located on the tool bar when PSIsafe is open. Select Add or Edit and the Select Items Box will open, select Repository, and Cabinet – Click on OK.

  • When OK is selected the Custom Column will open in Select items:
  • Select index for the Custom Columns Edit Box by clicking on the ellipse box.
  • Chose from the indexes to all to the indexes – may add 5 when complete, click on OK.
  • Custom Columns – 5 indexes per cabinet – folder indexes – may use as many of the 5 labels are you choose. After set up note to restart client to take effect. All cabinets must be closed for index settings.
  • These labels are the column headers that will be used in Schedule and Workflow listings. They are accessible from the column chooser. When these columns are viewed in the Folder and Filer screens the original index description will be displayed as the column headers.

Below is an example of the labels used in a cabinet. When the cabinet is opened this is the information available from the Custom Columns setup listed above. Custom Columns are customized and each user will have to set up.

May add to a cabinet with a right mouse click in the Sort By or Reference Index, open the column chooser and add the columns for the cabinet. Will also open in the filer when select folder is selected.

To add or remove columns, right click on column bar and then choose “Column Chooser”. Drag and drop between the customization window and the column bar. See adding columns on the next page.

Default columns displayed:

Additional columns available to be displayed:

Label Columns

Added columns in Customization will add to the

Scheduler listed above and to the Cabinet above.

Column Chooser

  • Right click on document title – set documents in ascending or descending order
  • Set Best Fit for Columns
  • Set Best Fit for All Columns

The Messages Button in the PSIsafe toolbox allows the user to navigate to the PSIsafe message center or message on the toolbar below will open the message center. All Messages are sent via software so they do not use the internet or email. This provides a secure and efficient way to communicate internally – without paper. The message center in the toolbox has a display of the different messages available. Click on each mailbox to see a list of messages available of that type. New messages come to the Inbox.

Click Messages on Toolbar in the folder screen – will open the Message Module. Click on Messages. The message screen below will open. Notes within the message screen cannot be deleted; the person responding is listed on the screen. If message is closed, may click on the messages button at the top and bring back in.

        1. New – start a new message. There are three different types of messages.
               a. Internal Message – send a brief message to another PSIsafe user.
               b. External Message – telephone call or message from outside the company.
                   Take message and contact information and send it to another PSIsafe user.
               c. Bulletin Board Message – send a message to all PSIsafe users.
        2. Delete – deletes the currently selected message.
        3. Reply – allows the user to reply to the currently selected message.
        4. Reply to All – sends a reply to all users included on the original message
        5. Forward - send the message on to another PSIsafe user.
        6. Print – prints the message.

Note: Selecting “File Message” allows the user to select a folder which to file the message to, name the message and even route the message to Workflow to ensure that the person for which the message is intended is notified by a Workflow Alert. The message is filed using the Filer

Bulletin Board Message
In the Message Center a Bulletin Board message may be created. At the Message Center screen, select New and Bulletin Board Message Messages sent to the bulletin board go out to all of the users on the PSIsafe system.

        1. Send – send the current message to all PSIsafe users.
        2. Reply to All – sends a reply to the currently opened message.
        3. File Message – pops up the Filer and allows the user to file the message.
        4.Print – prints the current message.

Internal Message

Internal message are messages used by staff within the PSIsafe system. There are no external links to the internet or to external email systems. Simply select a user to send the message by using the To button. Enter a subject, and then the body of the message. When completed, click the Send button on the toolbar and the message will be sent to the appropriate user(s).

External Message

While You Were Out is an external message, (received a phone call, or someone dropped by). It allows the sender to take the contact information and send the person a note (much like the old pink message slips).

The message screen to the right will open when you click on messages from the Toolbar on the folder screen. Notes within the message screen cannot be deleted; the person responding is listed on the screen. If message is closed, user may click on the messages button at the top and bring back in.

Fill out the appropriate fields in the given form. When the message is complete, click the Send button on the toolbar to send it to the selected users.

Recycle Bin

The Cabinet recycle bin operates much like the Windows Recycle Bin. When a document or folder is deleted from Cabinet it is sent to the recycle bin. The document will remain in the recycle bin until it is permanently deleted. A screen similar to the one at the right will be displayed upon entering the recycle bin. Each Repository/Cabinet pair has separate recycle bins. The first thing to do is select the correct Repository and Cabinet from the pull down lists on the left side of the screen. A list of documents or folders will be displayed in the list on the right side of the screen. To see Folders, use the Search Folders tab. To see Documents, use the Search Documents tab.

There are two options available for folders. A folder may be restored to the cabinet by clicking the Restore Folder button on the toolbar, or the folder may be permanently deleted by clicking on the Delete Folder button on the toolbar. The Delete function is final and the folder will not be retrievable after this action.

The Recycle Bin allows the user to search for a specific folder that has been deleted using the Search Folders function. Folders can be searched based on any Folder Index by selecting the desired index from the Index Name pull down. Specify a date range with the Start Date and End Date input fields.

To view documents in the Recycle Bin, select the “Search Documents” tab. When this tab is selected, a list of documents will be displayed. To search for specific documents, enter search criteria at the bottom of the screen and click the Search button. A document is selected by clicking on it within the list or by using the Control (Ctrl) or Shift keys on the keyboard as multiple documents are selected. Once documents are selected there are three options:

1. Restore removes the document from the Recycle Bin and places it back into the Cabinet and Folder from which it was deleted.

2. Delete will permanently remove the document from PSIsafe. The PSIsafe Message shown to the right will be displayed as a Final delete warning. NOTE: If you select “Yes” the document is GONE and cannot be recovered.

Staff responsible for removing documents permanently may be set in Management. (See the Management manual for instructions). Administrator may set personnel authorized to permanently delete from Recycle Bin.

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