Additional Features in PSIsafe

This section contains additional features that have been incorporated into PSIsafe, namely:
Adding a scheduled item                        Preview
Template Preview                                   Auto Preview
Exporting Documents out of PSIsafe         Imageman
Scheduler                                               Custom Columns
Messaging                                              Recycle Bin

Add Scheduled Item
This feature allows the user to schedule an item at the time an item is filed using Batch, Filer, Document
Create, or Scan. The item gets filed first, and then the schedule interface is displayed. The user can
complete or cancel the schedule. If canceled, since the item was already filed, only the scheduling is
canceled. The Schedule item setting is remembered for the next use.

Batch                                                                                                            Filer

Scan                                                                                                            Document Create

Documents are previewed based on the client’s preview settings and locally installed applications or plugins. PSIsafe’s default preview settings are satisfactory in most cases, but can be changed on a per user basis. Each file type is assigned to one of four preview methods.

Paging – Used for TIF, PDF, and other image file types. This setting improves efficiency by downloading one preview page at a time rather than the entire document

Auto - Used for most other file types. The Auto setting uses PSIsafe’s built in preview software.

Windows – Used when enabling the local Windows preview is desired. Also serves as the failover viewer when a document is set for Paging or Auto and for some reason the document cannot be previewed with that setting.

Browser – Used when enabling browser based preview is desired. HTML and Zip file types typically work well with this setting.

Note: the successful use of Auto, Windows, and Browser settings are dependent on what applications and plugins are installed on the local machine. In some cases, the user will have to experiment to identity the preferred setting.

PSIsafe Preview settings are controlled using the Add, Edit, Delete, and Reset selections.

Options> Documents-Display

Template Preview
Not sure if you are picking the correct template when you create a new document? Simply right click on selected template and it will pop up in a preview window. Preview template is only appropriate for Forms, Word Merge, etc. located under New.

Required Naming Template Segments
Sometimes a little change has a big impact. To better alert users of a required input, required segments are displayed using red text in the Title Composition display. Users failing to make an input will be notified by a required field message and will not be allowed to continue until filled in.

Auto Preview
(Maximum allowed file size): Using preview while scrolling through documents is a great feature. However, when you come upon a very large document, preview may slow you down. The maximum allowed file size setting prevents such slowdowns. This setting determines what size a document must be below to be automatically previewed. The default maximum size is 10 MB. The management setting for this is located at system>settings>Options>File Size>Maximum allowed for auto preview (MB).

If a document exceeds this setting, the preview panel displays the following message.

To preview files of file size greater than the maximum allowed, right click and select preview.

A separate preview window will pop up showing the document.

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