Select which User Groups, if any, the user will be a member of and click the Add button. Similarly, highlight a group from the list on the right side of the screen and click the Remove button to remove a user from a group.

Add the user to the Workflow: Manage section by clicking the tab and adding the users for which the created user will be allowed to manage workflow items. If this user will not manage workflow items, leave this section blank.

NOTE: Not including a user in the Workflow Management section does not prevent the user from receiving workflow items. It prevents them from performing management functions in the workflow management inbox, Workflow>Rules>Management.

Dropdown Restrictions for Workflow and Scheduler

This capability restricts what is displayed in the pull down when a user routes or schedules an item in PSIsafe.

To enter restrictions:

  1. Select User and proceed to Step 3 of 4.
  2. Select the Restrict User\Group List tab.
  3. If list is left blank (default), all Users and Groups will be available in list for routing and schedule assignments.
  4. If Users and or Groups are added, only the items added will be available in the User’s list for routing and schedule.
  5. Select the Restrict Rule List and follow the same procedure to restrict what rules will appear in the user’s list of rules.


Review the user profile summary presented. Click Finish to complete the user entry or click the previous button to go back and make changes to the user settings.

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