How to export documents from PSIsafe.


This article is meant to help you export your documents from the PSIsafe Client. Please follow the steps below to ensure you export your documents from your PSIsafe Client to your destination of choice.


  1. Go to the Folder List in your PSIsafe Client.
    1. Note: Look at the folder Count
    2. Select F3 on keyboard to bring up the advanced Folder Query screen.
  2. Leaving the value empty, click the Add button.
    1. Select Run Query
  3. Ctrl + A will highlight all folders from the query results.
    1. Note: Filter Folder count to confirm
    2. Select Tools
  4. From Tools
    1. Select Folder Actions
      1. Contents
        1. Export Cabinet Directory Structure
  5. Choose the local directory destination.
    1. Click OK
    2. This will export a copy of all documents for the selected folder.
  6. If you have any further Cabinets that need to be exported please repeat the above steps.

Having Problems:

Any errors encountered while trying to complete this task? Don't worry we have dedicated Technical Support Engineers available to assist.

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