What's Included: Support and Professional Services

If you are unsure about what services are supported by our Support team or Professional Services team, this is the right article for you. Sometimes it can be confusing as to what services are covered under your support and maintenance agreements, what may be professional services (billable), and what types of services are not covered. This article provides service descriptions to help you better understand the scope of our offerings.

NOTE: These services are provided during regular business hours and in accordance with our standard service levels.

SupportProfessional ServicesNot Included

Access to Support Engineer

by phone or email

Access to Sales Engineer

by phone or email

Emergency Support

(outside normal Support hours)

Available during normal Support hours

 Scheduled appointments

Configuration Questions < 30 min.

Configuration Questions > 30 min.

Rebuilding Configuration

Advanced Migration Configuration

Project Management for Upgrades

SQL Configuration

Support of Third-Party Products

Access to Software Updates

Upgrade Assistance < 30 min.

Testing Prior to Significant Upgrade

Environmental Upgrades

Support for Self-Inflicted Wounds

Support for Error Messages

Support for Product not Opening

Support for Licensing Issues

Scanner Configuration

Hardware Support

Network/IT Support

Data Backups (on-premises)

Training Questions < 30 min.

Access to PSIsafe Online Training

Training Questions > 30 min.

Backup Routine Neglect

Ransomware/Malware Recovery

Submit Defect Repair Requests

Submit Feature Requests

PSIcapture Scripting

PSIsafe Open API project support

Travel Options AvailableTravel

Additional PSIsafe Cloud Support:

Data Backups

Data Restoration (1 per year)

Subsequent occurrences may be billable

If you still have questions, please contact our Support team by: