SharePoint migration fails to auto create missing Document Library


If you are running PSIcapture or previous, you may encounter the following when attempting to migrate to SharePoint or SharePoint 365 when the Document Library doesn't yet exist.

Solution (for versions and under)

Here are instructions to setup a migration to SharePoint in PSIcapture:

  1. Create a migration to O365 or SharePoint 2013.
  2. Configure the Document Library setting to Manual and enter a Library Name that does not yet exist.
  3. Configure the rest of the migration as normal, making sure that the "Auto-create missing Document Library/List if it does not yet exist" option is checked.
  4. Run the migration.

The migration will fail the first time through; however, the Document Library will be created. Subsequent migrations will be successful.

This issue was patched in, so an upgrade of PSIcapture would be required to overcome this issue.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our Support team by: