Terminal Services/RDS connections may lock license if account is not logged out


When using a Server 2008 Terminal Server/RDS Environment, users might disconnect their RDP session instead of logging out. If PSIcapture was open when you disconnected, it essentially locks the license and Capture.exe*32 would need to be terminated from Task Manager under your User Name to free up the license.


The below steps will actually force a disconnect from the server so the manual interaction of shutting down the Capture.exe will not be necessary.

  1. Go to ‘Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration’
    1. Double click the connection (found under connections) which takes you to RDP-Tcp Properties
  2. Click the sessions tab
  3. Click the ‘Override user settings’
    1. Set ‘end a disconnected session’ to 1 minute
    2. Set ‘idle session limit’ to 15 minutes to ensure no one was holding on to licenses who wasn’t working
  4. Click the second ‘Override user settings’
    1. Click the radio button for ‘Disconnect from session’ to make sure it’s enabled

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