How to extract MS Word files into Memo Fields

Step-by-step guide

To import the contents of Microsoft Word *.docx file, you will need to edit a Document Type Configuration and go to Step 6 of 10.

  1. Create a index field, and change the datatype to "Memo".
  2. Go to Step 7 of 10, and click on the "Imported Files" tab.
  3. Next, click on the "Imported File Contents" sub-tab. Click "Enable indexing from Imported File Contents" and then click the "Add" button on the lower right.
  4. Choose the index field you created on Step 6, and then click the "Populate With" dropdown and select the option that is applicable to your setup.
  5. Finally, go to Step 9 of 10, and edit the Capture Settings workflow step. You will need to check the box "Enable support for importing non-image files" and add the file extension of the type of file you are importing (in this case, docx).

This will import the contents of a Microsoft Word docx file into the memo field. Once the data is imported, you can also run RegEx using ADE to filter out the results of the Word document if you desire.

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