Using Re-Key on Index fields to validate data


When configuring an Index Field for Re-Key, there are some workflow changes that need to be made.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Choose the Index field in Step 6 of 10, and mark it for Re-Key.
  2. Go to Step 9 of 10, and add your first Index Step.

    Make sure the Re-Key checkbox is not enabled. It also cannot be set for auto index, as Re-Key is a manual Index Process.
  3. Add a second index step, and this time check the box to Re-Key under the Index Settings.

When running a batch through the workflow, the user will enter the data in the Index Field under the first Index Step. When the batch is moved to the second Index step, the data must be re-entered. If the value of the data is the same from Index Step 1 to Index Step 2, then the workflow will continue normally without interruption. If, however the data is changed from these two index steps, a dialog box will be displayed, and the user must choose to use the value from the first index step or the second index step.

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