Full Text OCR PDF Output Options

Step-by-step guide

  1. The output type is limited to Adobe PDF(Image with Hidden Text) or Adobe PDF (Image Only)
  2. PDF Conformance are as follows; PDF 1.4, PDF 1.5+, and PDF/A-1b
  3. JPEG Compression which only applies to color images range from None, Low, Medium, High, and Maximum.
  4. Option available to "Create Linearized PDF (Fast Web View)"
  5. Downsampling is available from 275 DPI down to 100 DPI or Original for output PDF.
  6. Ability to embed "PDF Document Field Options" like Title, Subject, Author, and Keywords.
  7. Encryption is also available using PDF Conformance 1.5+ which will allow you to enter an Owner Password and User Password to the PDF.
  8. You can also set the default zoom level to Fit Page, Fit Width, Fit Height, Or Custom Zoom Level Percentage.


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