Antivirus Exclusions and Firewall Ports


When deploying/installing PSIcapture in a environment, certain products such as antivirus/security products may quarantine or interfere with PSIcapture operation. Since PSIcapture services will create folders and files, move files around and delete files, antivirus can suspect the operation block PSIcapture from performing correctly.


We advise that the following folders and all of their subfolders be excluded from any active/on access scans:

  • C:\ProgramData\PSIGEN
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\PSIGEN (please note that on a 32-bit operating system, it will be C:\Program Files\PSIGEN)

Additionally, in order for a Network Station to communicate properly with a Capture/License Server, the application operates on two TCP ports. We advise that both these ports be allowed through the Windows Firewall, regardless of the firewall status (Enabled/Disabled). We recommend opening TCP ports 47232 and 47233 for Inbound and Outbound on all machines running PSIcapture. This will ensure that licensing and program communication is able to operate properly.

Also, depending on the size of the environment, it may be necessary to add the above TCP ports on any routers or managed switches in the organization, as these devices can also block communication from occurring.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our Support team by: