Setting Configuration and Batch Manager Data to External SQL Server Database


When you install PSIcapture we have the ability to move all Configuration and Batch Manager data to a SQL Server database of your choosing. This is a manual process that needs to be done from within the Service Manager under "Databases". The connection strings are entered manually and we automatically create the Database based on the name entered in the connection string "Initial Catalog".

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Create a secure backup of the entire C:/ProgramData/PSIGEN/ folder before beginning, in case regression is needed.
  2. On the Databases tab of Service Manager, select the database you want to migrate to an External SQL Server.
  3. Enter the connection string to connect to that database. Samples of valid connection strings:
    1. Using integrated security: Data Source=.\WIN8VM;Initial Catalog=CaptureConfig;Integrated Security=True
    2. Hardcoded credentials: Data Source=.\WIN8VM;Initial Catalog=CaptureConfig;Integrated Security=False;User Id=sa;Password=pwd;
    3. Data Source is the name of the server where SQL Server resides.
    4. Initial Catalog is the database name. If the name already exists we will use it, if not we will create it. It can be named whatever the user wants.
  4. Click Save. We will attempt to migrate the Local DB database over to the database provided in connection string.
  5. If successful, we will attempt to restart the service to reload database from new location. If we can't restart service for whatever reason we will revert back to the Local DB.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our Support team by: