PSIcapture Licensing Overview


PSIcapture licenses are concurrent and based on annual volume. The Enterprise annual volume concurrent licenses are shown below:

  • 30,000 images per year
  • 75,000 images per year
  • 200,000 images per year
  • 500,000 images per year
  • 1,000,000 images per year
  • 3.000,000 images per year
  • 5,000,000 images per year
  • Zero count licenses remain (must be added to a restricted volume license)
  • Test license @12,000 or @ 120,000 images per year (limited to one per company)
  • Custom volume sets can be licensed to fit requirements outside of our volumes listed here, contact Sales for more details.

Each of these is a single concurrent license, and the yearly volumes can be combined in any way. If you want to scan 260,000 images per year, you can buy one 200,000 license and two 30,000 licenses, which will give you three concurrent licenses and a shared image pool of 260,000 images per year. If you require additional users but not additional annual volumes, you can add a zero-count license to a restricted volume license.

If you are planning on using the auto-import option within PSIcapture, we strongly suggest you add one license to the required number of concurrent users. If you need 3 users, plus auto-import, we recommend you purchase 4 users, as the auto-import process will consume a license.

We also have an option to add to the above additional image counts, called non-recurring volume counts. Volume counts are a reserve bank of images you can purchase to do a large volume project, or to ensure that you can continue to scan if you exceed your yearly allocation. They are also nice for project based businesses, because you can buy an entry level yearly volume license and purchase volume based on what you need to process. Volume count licenses are ordered for the specific bundle that is chosen.

Term/On-premise Subscription

PSIcapture licenses are acquired on a term subscription basis, meaning that the license will expire after an agreed-upon time. Our current term/on-premise subscriptions are available at 12, 36 or 60-month intervals. Our support and maintenance is included during the licensed term. Upon expiration of the license, your organization will be able to renew with a new interval or license configuration, as desired. Upgrades for additional users or volume amounts can be added any time during your term. We offer custom terms to fit requirements outside of the terms listed here. Contact Sales for more details.

Scan Only Workstation

The Scan Only license is designed for high volume environments, such as mailroom, facility management or Service Bureau operations. The license is typically used where a dedicated license would be operating high-speed scanners or auto-import of images while creating new batches. This license does not include OCR or ICR engines (nor can it be added) so separation rules cannot include the OCR, ICR or ADE options.

Scan Only licenses are shown below:

  • 200,000 images per year
  • 500,000 images per year
  • 3,000,000 images per year
  • 5,000,000 images per year


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