Resolve Image Processing Errors on Virtual Machine Installations


When utilizing the Image Processing features of a PSIcapture installation that resides in a virtual machine, especially following an upgrade from version 3.6 to version 4.0 or later; you may receive an error alert or log entry similar to the following:

Error running Image Processing function <Name of Image Processing Function>: threadCount must be greater than 1
Parameter name: threadCount

In addition to, or in lieu of the error message; you may experience performance issues or problems where the application or virtual machine as a whole stops responding and must be forcibly restarted. To alleviate all these Image Processing errors and improve the overall performance and reliability of the application and the virtualized guest operating system you'll need to implement the configuration changes documented in this article.

NOTE: These instructions are specific to the VMware Workstation environment; however similar procedures should exist for all supported virtualization environments. Please consult the product documentation for your virtualization environment, or contact a member of our support team if you require additional assistance.

While the adjustment is easy, it may require assistance from IT personnel to actually perform the task. Please check with your IT department prior to making this change.

Configuration Steps

  1. Select Edit virtual machine settings on the virtual machines tool bar (see screenshot below)
  2. Select the Hardware tab
  3. Select the Processors icon
  4. Use the Number of processors: dropdown list to increase the current processor count to at least 2.


  1. Once the virtual machine settings have been altered as shown above, rerun the test case.
  2. You should note a marked improvement in the virtual machine performance and any image processing errors that were previously occurring should also be resolved.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our Support team by: