Recompile PSIcapture Scripts when Upgrading from Version 3.6 to Version 4.x


When upgrading from PSIcapture version 3.6 and earlier to version 4.0 and later, many customers are using custom scripting, which requires additional steps during the upgrade process. To upgrade scripts you must perform the following configuration steps for each document type that contains one or more script entries.

Configuration Steps

  1. Open configuration and edit the document type in question, moving to Index Data Fields.
  2. Click the "Edit" button to the right of the "Use Custom Validation Script" check box.
  3. The scripting editor will open. 
  4. Click the Build & Save button on the toolbar.
  5. Correct any errors identified in each script entry, retrying the Build & Save action until it succeeds.
  6. Save the document type and proceed to testing.


Test each edited document type completely through it's workflow, ensuring that you exercise all features that interact with indexing and/or scripting.

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