Error: The image has dimension greater than 32K pixels

Error Message
An error occurred loading page 1 of file "\\Test Data\large_image_test.png"
The page has been bypassed.
   at PSIGEN.Capture.Devices.ImportFileImageSource.AcquireNextImage(ImportedImageResolutions importedImageResolutionType, Int32 importedImageResolution)
   at PSIGEN.Capture.Devices.EMC.Import.ProcessAction(ImagingDeviceActions action)
The image has dimension greater than 32K pixels.

Error Screenshots


For some image processing and recognition functions PSIcapture is limited to images that have 6621w x 9363h pixels or less, in the given dimensions; but this is not a hard limit. Other configuration options or environmental factors can affect the actual limit imposed on each individual image. 

One common cause is when an imported file’s resolution is less than the minimum required resolution for images imported into the the product  PSIcapture will scale any image that is less than 200 DPI up to a minimum of 200 DPI in each dimension. This is done to improve recognition quality across multiple features in the product.

For additional questions, or to submit sample images for testing, please contact our Support team by: