Error: Failed to Install Prerequisites Correctly


Error Sample 1: Running the PSIcapture installer can sometimes fail to correctly install the prerequisites. Not much error information is logged other then a general failure.

Error Sample 2: While running the installer Capture Services fails as shown in the screenshot below. If this happens the computer may need a reboot or a re-install of Microsoft .NET.


  1. Check Programs and Features to ensure the failed item isn't already reported as installed. 
  2. If it isn't installed, it could be a permissions issue. 
    1. Option 1: Ensure you are logged in as an administrator or use "Run as Admin" to re-run the PSIcapture installer.
    2. Option 2: Use the links below to download the .NET installer and be logged in as an administrator or use "Run as Admin" to install.
    3. Option 3: In the folder/directory where the PSIcapture installer is located, open Command Prompt. You can then enter the installer name followed by /extract In this example, you would type PSIcapture.Setup. /extract. This will export all the individual installer files, and you can run each separately, and run/right click as Admin.

Download Microsoft .NET

For complete documentation of the installation procedure for the .NET Framework please refer to the following article:

Alternatively, if the administrator wishes to skip the technical details, the following link will download the installer for the framework directly:

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our Support team by: