Indexing Workspace

Queue List

The Queue list shows each document currently available within a user's queue and users can freely navigate between documents.

Edit Queue

The edit button at the bottom of the queue list will allow users to delete documents out of their queue or send them to another user's queue.

Index List

The index list contains the document type selection list along with available index fields for the selected document type.

The clear button will reset the data within the index fields while the save button will run validation and push the document out of PSIfusion to the completed folder for processing.


The viewer display the document images along with several options for rotating, deleting, and navigating between pages.


Mouse WheelZoom image in and out
Right Click HoldScroll image up and down as well as left and right

Viewer Tools

Thumbnail viewer - Display each page represented by a small thumbnail image.
Full Page - Switch from thumbnail view back to full page view.
Page Navigation - Navigates between pages and display the currently active page as well as total number of pages.

Editing Tools

Rotate Left - Rotates the current page/document counter-clockwise to the left.
Rotate Right - Rotates the current page/document clockwise to the right.
Save Rotation - Saves any rotation changes you made to the current page/document.
Delete Page - Deletes the current page within a document. If you choose to delete a page in a single-page document it will delete the document from you queue.
Delete Document - Deletes the current document selected and removes the document from your queue.