Adding a Document Type


General Attributes

Document Type Name

The document type name is used to uniquely identify the document type in system lists and is displayed to users when interacting with their document queue.  Refer to the User Guide for further information on how the document type is displayed and selected when indexing documents.

Output Folder Name

As documents in PSIfusion are indexed and completed, they are moved out of the user's queue and into a completed folder where they await pick-up by another process or application.  The path documents are exported to consists multiple sections, including a folder that indicates which document type was used to process the document.  The output folder name allows the administrator to specify what name should be used when outputting completed documents.

This field is optional, when it is not specified the document type name will be used.


The description is an informational field where administrators can provide a brief summary, notes or instructions to future administrators regarding the current document type.  The description is not displayed to end users, nor used by the application.


Multiple Records per Document

This option enables the collection of multiple data records for each document.  By default, each document is associated with a single set of metadata fields.  When multiple records are enabled, users are presented with interface controls that enable the creation and management of additional records for each document, where each record contains a distinct set of the defined document type fields.

For an overview of the multiple record indexing interface, please refer to the Indexing Documents with Multiple Records article in the User Guide.


After configuring the attributes and options on the document type, you must define one or more metadata fields.  Please proceed to the next section of this guide where we will introduce metadata fields, validation and automation.

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