Document Types


Document Types represent a contract that defines the set of data that each document assigned to a particular document type should contain.  Each document type contains:

  • A list of one or more fields that define which metadata attributes should be extracted from the document content
  • A series of rules applied to the document type or the document type fields that further define the content the document type expects
  • Configuration options for optional features that work to improve user throughput and accuracy when processing documents

The remainder of this article will cover features for managing the list of document types in the organization, while the rest of this section will demonstrate how document types are configured.  

Adding or Editing a Document Type

To add a new document type click the Add button on the document types tab.  To edit an existing document type, select the document type you wish to edit and click the edit button.  Both adding and editing a document type share the same dialog, and the edit procedure is the same regardless of which action you take. 

Editing a document type involves multiple distinct sections:  The General and Fields articles cover mandatory configuration steps for every document type.  The Lookups article covers an optional feature that can help improve data accuracy and indexing throughput.  This section has been split into multiple articles to improve readability and ease of use.

General - Attributes & Options

The general tab defines attributes that describe the document type, as well as a number of options that control the workflow and features that the document type will employ.  Options in this section are documented in the Adding a Document Type article.  

Fields - Defining Document Metadata

After configuring the general options for the document type, you must add one or more fields.  The Fields article documents data types and general field options, as well as validation and usability features that help improve the quality of your captured data without sacrificing indexing efficiency.

Lookups - Integrating External Data

When indexing documents in your organization, there are often third party data sources available that contain critical metadata and can be leveraged to reduce the amount of manual keying necessary for each document.  PSIfusion provides an optional feature called Lookups to allow you to tap into this data and integrate it into your thin client indexing solution.

Copying a Document Type

Copying a document type allows you to take a completed document type, make modifications to it and save the modified document type using a new distinct name.  To copy a document type:

  • Select the document type you wish to use as a starting point for the new document type
  • Click the Copy button
  • Edit the name of the document type to be a new, unique name
  • Make any additional changes to the document type attributes, options, fields or lookups; as documented throughout this section
  • Save the completed document type

Removing a Document Type

To remove a document type from the system, select the document type you wish to delete from the list of document types and click the Remove button.

Removed document types are not backed up automatically or recoverable in any way. It is recommended that you first export a backup copy of a document type before removing it in case you later need to restore it. Please refer to the section titled Exporting a Document Type for instructions on creating a backup copy.

Importing & Exporting Document Types

PSIfusion allows administrators to import document types from external sources to facilitate sharing configurations across organizations or deployments and to ease backup and restore of critical document type configurations.  Exported document types are stored in an industry standard, open Extensible Markup Language (XML) format.  

Importing a Document Type

To import a document type into an organization, follow the following steps:

  • Click the Import button
  • Locate the XML file for the document type you wish to import
  • PSIfusion will create a new document type from the imported configuration file and open the new document type for editing
  • Follow the procedures documented above for Adding or Editing a Document Type

Exporting a Document Type

To export a document type to XML, select the document type you wish to export and click the Export button.  You will be prompted for a location and file name to use when the document type is exported.  PSIfusion will then export a complete copy of the document type, including all attributes, options settings, fields and lookups as well as any linked Lists or Connections & Queries.

The exported document type is not version dependent and should be usable with any version of PSIfusion.

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