PSIfusion 2 Documentation

PSIfusion documentation is a living document that is updated throughout the product life cycle.  Generally new features will be delivered via Major or Minor software releases however in some cases new features will be introduced in Service Pack or Patch release.  For a complete description of PSIGEN's software release policies and terms please refer to the relevant article on our support portal.  For those features that are introduced via a Service Pack or Patch release the required version for the new feature will be included in the documentation on this site and in the product release notes. Product documentation is organized hierarchically by release version, user role and finally by topic. Downloadable PDF versions of this wiki are available in the link(s) below.

Preliminary Documentataion

This documentation wiki is a work in progress, and the content will continue to change significantly over the next few months.

Downloadable PDF Guides:

Installation Guide: Table of Contents

Admin Guide: Table of Contents

User Guide: Table of Contents

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