PSIfusion uses a multiple layered approach to logging. Log files for deployment related issues, and issues where the PSIfusion application is not accessible are logged to a text file within the deployment storage folder. These logs are located in C:\ProgramData\PSIGEN\Fusion\Logs and are named CustomerLog and DeploymentLog.

All other log entries are stored in the deployment database. The Logs tool allows an administrator to query log entries and export them to a text file.

Logs available for export include:

  • Default - Any general errors including mail notification errors.
  • Deployment - Any errors relating to the deployment of the PSIfusion instance.
  • LDAP - Any errors relating to the LDAP user directory.
  • List Queries - Any errors relating to Lists which are used in Document Profiles.
  • Lookup Queries - Any errors relating to Lookups to external databases.
  • Service Activity - Any errors relating to PSIfusion services.

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