PSIfusion Migration Configuration

General Tab

Output File Options

Export Path

Select the ellipses button and navigate to the Incoming folder. The default path is C:\ProgramData\PSIGEN\Fusion\Organization\organization number\Incoming.

Export User Queue

This option tells PSIfusion what user to assign the documents to. In order for documents to be imported for processing they need to be assigned to a user or team.

  • Document.Queue - This option allows users to add the user queue ID via an configured index field.
  • Do Not Append UserID to Export Path - Selecting this options means the user will use the Export Path to point the documents to a specific user queue. For example instead of stopping at the Incoming folder the export path would be C:\ProgramData\PSIGEN\Fusion\Organization\organization number\Incoming\2.

External Application Options

Use the external application options to launch an executable outside of PSIcapture once the migration completes.

  • Application - Specify the fully-qualified path and name of the executable. Note: Do not place quotes around the Application entry, even if the directory or file name contains spaces.
  • Arguments - Supply any arguments that are required for the executable to run properly. If the executable requires quotes around certain argument values, they must be specified. To build dynamic argument strings based on batch-level index field values, press the Build button. Type in whatever constant values are required, and use the Index Fields drop-down box to select and insert placeholders for the desired index fields.
  • Launch timing - Specify when the application should be launched, either after each batch migrates or after all selected batches have migrated.

Check the Wait for application to complete box to prevent the migration step from closing until after the external application completes.

Use the Maximum wait time option to specify how many minutes the migration workflow step will wait for the external application to complete.

Common Tabs

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