PSIcapture 6.2, Patch 14


The latest version of PSIcapture is now available for public release. If any issues arise during your upgrade, please contact support. To help us make PSIcapture the best product possible, report any issues you find to your sales or support representative, or through our support portal at

Installation Procedure

Versions 4.6 and BELOW: Please upgrade to BEFORE installing 6.0.

Versions to 6.1.0.x: Uninstall current version, reinstall using Installation Package. Please contact your support or sales representative for assistance.

Versions 6.2.0.x: Update currently installed version using Update Package.

Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

  • Migrations to DocuShare that use DocuShare Drive will no longer display the login window while configuring the migration.
  • The M-Files direct migration can now upload single or multiple-file structured documents.
  • The Project and Customer migration options, which are only pertinent to the M-Files sample vault, have been removed from the migration settings window.
  • The Docotic PDF libraries have been upgraded to v5.4 to handle certain import errors.
  • The DocuShare migration may now have a domain specified in the migration configuration window.
  • Speeds in uploading files via the Alfresco migration have improved greatly.

Bug Fixes

  • The M-Files direct migration can now upload documents to custom object types.
  • Fixed certain timeout errors in connections to the Alfresco migration.

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