PSIcapture 6.0.1, Patch 5


The latest version of PSIcapture is now available for public release. If any issues arise during your upgrade, please contact support. To help us make PSIcapture the best product possible, report any issues you find to your sales or support representative, or through our support portal at

Installation Procedure

Versions 4.6 and BELOW: Please upgrade to BEFORE installing 6.0.

Versions 5.0.0.x to 6.0.0.x: Uninstall current version, reinstall using Installation Package. Please contact your support or sales representative for assistance.

Version 6.0.1.x: Update currently installed version using Update Package.

Release Notes

Feature Enhancements

  • Added option to Insert/Replace Flagged Pages option in QA Auto Processing: "Process page inserts for all records in the document."
  • A "Blue" theme has been added to the product, and is available in the User Settings window.
  • Improved caching of Capture Profiles to improve load times.
  • Added OCR option: "Remove shading from images before running recognition." This option will run a Deshade filter on all OCR pages, decreasing overall processing time.
  • Storage size of Zone Definition Profiles has been reduced.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an isolated PDF import issue.
  • Fixed an issue that caused migration errors when using Versioning and Required values for the SharePoint migration.
  • Fixed an issue with migrations to SharePoint sites using dynamic site addresses.
  • Fixed a logic error that occurred when grouping regular zones into OMR zones in when configuring smart zone table extraction.
  • In Capture Profile Configuration, fixed the warning that appears when validating a profile with an invalid Archive directory for Batch Retention settings.
  • Fixed an issue where users would get an Unhandled Exception error when opening up the Classification workflow if "Pull from Global List" was selected.
  • Fixed an error to Database Migrations caused by the formatted data returned by an ODBC connection to a MySQL database.
  • Fixed an unhandled exception when saving certain settings in Classification.
  • In SharePoint migration, Content Types are now uploaded correctly when using the Map to Field option.
  • Fixed an issue where the Viewer window would not clear when closing out of a batch in the Capture, Index, or QA module.
  • Fixed an issue where long custom module names were truncated in the Close Batch dialog window.

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