General (Auto Import)

Minimum Time Between Sessions (in Minutes)

The default is set to 0 minutes but is actually about 30 seconds.

Batch Timeout

Select Files Based on File Age

User can set Auto Import to begin import of new files in the monitored folder immediately, after a specified number of minutes, days, or on a calendar date.

File Sorting Method

This determines the order by which file/folder is imported. The files/folders contained in the monitored directory can be sorted by:

  • Created Date
  • Modified Date
  • File Name
  • Script - If the user is sorting by script they will need to check the "Filter File Set by Script" checkbox and configure the script by clicking on Open Script Editor button.

Maximum Imported Files Per Batch

In the event that the monitored folder(s) contain a large number of files, the user can set a limit on the number of files imported per batch. Auto Import process will then continue with the creation of a new batch.

Maximum Imported Pages Per Batch

Similar to “Max Imported Files Per Batch”, a new batch will be created when a predetermined number of pages is exceeded. Auto Import will monitor the total number of pages for files as they are added to a queue directory. If the next file in sequence will exceed the total defined page count for the batch, the current queue directory is closed, a new one is created, and file queuing continues using the new queue directory. Each queue directory results in a separate batch. NOTE: Setting this option to a small value will not break up large files into several smaller ones.

Delete empty directories referenced in Data File Indexing data files after processing

Append "Auto Import" to the end of the Batch Name

In addition to the normal batch name, the words “Auto Import” will be included at the end to denote batches that are auto imported.

Archive the queue manifest file

Filter File Set by Script

Check this box if "Sort by Script" was chosen as the File Sorting Method. This Open Script Editor button opens the script editor interface for Auto Import file set filtering. For more information about scripting, please see the scripting section of this manual. The PSIcapture scripting engine uses C# and knowledge of that programming language is required.