Select Capture Device

Choose from:

  • ISIS Scanning
  • TWAIN Scanning
  • Import (File)
  • Adrenaline / VRS Scanning

ISIS Scanning

Image and Scanner Interface Specification (ISIS) is an industry standard interface that PSIcapture uses. ISIS works by implementing the piping method. It runs scanners at or above it's rate of speed by linking drivers together in a pipe so that data flows from a scanner driver to compression driver, to packaging driver, to a file, viewer, or printer in a continuous stream. 

TWAIN Scanning

TWAIN is an applications programming interface (API) and communications protocol that regulates communication between software (PSIcapture) and digital imaging devices (scanner).


This selection adds the File Browser pane to the PSIcapture interface. Users may change the selection type at the top from Selection by Files to Selection by Directory. A filter is available on the bottom of the window to modify which file types are displayed in the list.

Adrenaline/VRS Scanning

The user is prompted to select a scanner. The population of this list reflects the hardware installed on the workstation.

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