Capture Profiles Tab

Search Capture Profiles

As shown in the picture below users can search through Capture Profiles by name, description, created date, or modified date.

Capture Profile History

This icon  enables the user to look at the history of any Capture Profile. 

Add and Edit

Create a new Capture Profile or edit the highlighted one. These options are covered later in the Capture Profile Configuration section.


Select this button to copy the highlighted Capture Profile. Users will be asked to give the new Capture Profile a name. This feature copies the complete configuration with exception of any Auto Import directories to be monitored as two Capture Profiles may NOT monitor the same directory.


Permanently removes the highlighted Capture Profile.

Update Batches

This function allows the user to update the configuration of an in progress batch(es). NOTE: Single batches may be edited in each module provided the user is authorized to do so. Before selecting this function, edit the desired Capture Profile, make the changes desired, and then highlight the Capture Profile and select Update Batches.

Select Batches

Choose Select Batch, the user will then be presented with a Batch Selection screen. Highlight the batch or batches to be updated. They will appear as below.

Select the workflow step to move these batches to or choose leave in current step. NOTE: If the user adds or removes a workflow step from the Capture Profile workflow the batch(es) will automatically be moved to the Capture step.

Choose whether or not to Clear Completed Flag for Steps After the Newly Selected Step. This flag would have been set if a batch completed a workflow step before the user changed the configuration in the edit step. The user may desire for the batch(es) in question to go through those step again.

WARNING: Selecting more than 15- 20 batches is NOT recommended as each one is checked out to that station and the system may run out of memory. 

Update Batch Document Type

Begin Update

Select Begin Update and the system will checkout each batch and update it. The status will be one of the following: Pending (black), Processing (blue), Update Complete (green), Error Checking Out Batch (red) and Error Updating (red).


This function allows the user to point to a previously exported Capture Profile configuration. Some items like storage locations, Auto Import monitoring locations and database configurations may need to be edited. Check over each of these items to verify they are configured as intended.


This function allows the user to configure a Capture Profile and export it for use in another location or Capture Server.


The user has the option to exclude the Zone Profile or and Classification Templates when exporting one or more Capture Profiles.

Toggle Grouping

All Capture Profiles can be designated as a member of a user specified group to aid organization. To modify the group of a Capture Profile edit that Capture Profile and modify the group name on Capture Profile - General.



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