Alchemy Web Engine Migration Configuration

Migration Settings Tab

Alchemy Web Engine Configuration

WebService URL

Web address for the Alchemy Web service

Schema Version

Enter Schema version in the box provided.

Security Options

Security Mode

Choose between:

  • None
  • DB
  • SG
  • EN
  • EG
  • IS
Database Password

Enter the corresponding password for the Database selected.

Security Group

Enter the Security Group if any for the Database selected.

Security Group Password

Enter the Security Group Password if any for the Security Group associated with the Database selected.

Test Connection

Click on Test Connection to validate the Database/Security Group combinations are correct and work.

Alchemy Database

Choose from database list.

Image/OCR File Options

Image Tag Options

Select from the following options:

  • Image to Document Profile, OCR to OCR tag
  • Image to Document Profile, no OCR tag
  • OCR to Document Profile, no OCR tag
Document Title Field

Supply the name of the Document Title Field or enter Document Title to use the information which the user selects in the Document Title Naming tab.

Other Options

The user may wish to execute another windows application as a part of this migration. In order to accomplish this, the user must configure the following:

Application to Launch

Select the windows executable to launch.

Application Arguments

Supply any command line arguments, if any. These are supplied by the executable’ developer.

Launch Timing

The user can choose between the following timing options to launch the executable:

  • Launch application after each Batch is migrated
  • Launch application after all selected Batches are migrated.

Common Tabs: