OCR Ribbon Menu

The ribbon menu includes: File, Home, SettingsSecurityUtilitiesWindow, and Help.


 Choosing this enables the user to select what batch to process in the OCR module. It is useful when returning to the module after suspending a batch.


Brings up the Close Batch dialog box. Prompts the user to select one of three options described below:

  • Close Batch - Closes the current batch. The user stays in the OCR Module, and the Select Batch dialog box comes up.
  • Close Batch and Continue in next Workflow step - Closes the current batch and the OCR Module. The batch is immediately reopened in the next module of the workflow. 
  • Suspend Batch in Quality Assurance - Suspends the batch in the OCR workflow step for processing at a later time. The OCR Module remains open and the Select Batch dialog box comes up.

 Choosing this enables the user to see the current batch information (i.e., batch overrides, batch history, log lookups, etc).

 Choosing this enables or disables auto processing of the current batch. Any auto processing configurations you made in regards to OCR while configuring the Capture Profile will be applied.

 Start OCR processing on the batch.


Include Suspended Batches when Auto Processing

Choose whether batches suspended in the OCR workflow step can be automatically processed.

OCR Setup

Brings up the OCR Setup window.