Capture Server Tab

Capture Station Operating Mode/Service Manager

Click "Open Service Manager" to open the "Service Manager" window. In this section the user will define which “Capture Station Operating Mode” to operate in. It will by default, be set to Stand Alone Station Operating Mode. If batches and batch information is to be shared the user will want to set it to either Capture Server or Network Station. Selecting Capture Server for one of the stations in an environment will enable the Security Module and its Icon on the main splash screen.

Advanced Settings

This section is for the configurations of global (IT) notification of occurrences listed on the notification tab and affect all Capture Profiles. Granular or department level notification of a particular Capture Profile can be defined in Capture Profile - Validation and Exceptions.

Email & Log Alerts

This allows the Administrator to be notified via email of select system events.

SMTP server name or IP Address

Enter the name of the SMTP server or IP Address that will send the email notifications.

Enable message logging

This option only logs errors for Migration Failures, Migration Successful, or Notification Subscriptions. It will also log two entries per email. One when the email is added to the Message Queue and one for if the message was sent or an error occurred. All log entries are added to either the Capture Log or Capture.Services Log.

Within the Configuration Module when initially setting up the Email Configuration we display the error within the Capture Server tab if a test email fails to send for any reason no log is created.

Example of Error Message:
[1/8/2014 8:22:49 AM] Error sending message(1) (To:; Subject: Auto Import Session Summary) Service not available, closing transmission channel. The server response was: 4.4.2 Message submission rate for this client has exceeded the configured limit

Example of Queue and Email Sent Message:
[07/02/2014 08:30:09] Message added to queue (To:; Subject: Batch Deadline Notification - Batch Deadline in 48 hours)
[07/02/2014 08:30:20] Message sent (To:; Subject: Batch Deadline Notification - Batch Deadline in 48 hours)

Sender Address & Authentication

In this section the user will enter the email address, user name and password for the "Sender" of the email. For example, if "Joe Smith" is working at a network station then his email information is entered in order to know which station is logging the error. Once the email and login information is setup then the user should send a test email to ensure connection.

Log Alerts

 Choose to show log alerts generated on the local machine and on the Capture Server. When there is a new error in the log, a notification will appear in the lower right corner of the status bar.

Notification Subscriptions

Add or Remove email addresses for one or more of the Available Notifications areas in which a user desires notification.

Available Notifications

The user may get notifications via email by highlighting the desired value and entering a valid email address.

  • Auto Import
    • Session Started - Notification is sent when any Auto Import service starts processing a set of images.
    • Session Completed - Notification is sent when any Auto Import service finishes processing a set of images.
    • Session Summary - Reports image names and page counts for images processed in a single session.
    • Error - Reports any errors that occur during Auto Import Processing.
  • Exception Processing
    • Batch Rejected - Notification is sent when any batch is rejected from a workflow step.
    • Exception Batch Created - Notification is sent when an exception batch is created.
    • Document Rejected - Notification is sent when a document is rejected from a batch.
    • Document Rejected (with attachment) - Notification is sent when a document is rejected from a batch and the rejected document is attached to the email.
  • Batch Deadlines - The administrator can set batch deadlines in Capture Profile - Advanced.
    • Batch with Deadline Created
    • Batch Deadline in 48 hours
    • Batch Deadline in 24 hours
    • Batch Deadline in 8 hours
    • Batch Deadline in 4 hours
    • Batch Deadline in 2 hours
    • Batch Deadline in 1 hour
    • Batch Deadline passed
  • Log Alerts
    • Summary - Generates a log alerts summary for each workstation.

Subscribers Email Addresses

Add the email addresses of the people who need to be notified here.

Enable Filtering of Log Alert Notifications

This allows the user to filter selected notifications to be sent to the subscribers list. For example if the user wants to just receive "Batch Deadline in 48 hours" and "Batch Rejected" notifications then they would click on the Configure button and add these items to the filter list.

Support Settings

The Support Settings tab allows resellers to specify an email address and website where users are directed when clicking on any support links within PSIcapture. It is recommended that all resellers populate these two fields during the initial install and configuration of PSIcapture for new users.

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