Regular Expressions Tab

This stores a collection of commonly used Regular Expressions for easy reference and recall.

Add or Edit

Users can add new Regular Expressions or edit existing ones. If either is selected the Editor window will be opened.


Users can delete existing Regular Expressions permanently.


Users can check which Capture Profile(s) are using the selected Regular Expression.


Users can import or export Regular Expressions via an XML file.


Users are able to load a Regular Expression(s) into the Global List from any Capture Profile.

Regular Expression Options

Match Literal Text

Generates a regular expression that will match the selected literal text (Control+Click to generate a text pattern)

Match Text Pattern

Generates a regular expression that will match the pattern of the selected text (Control+Click to generate a literal pattern)

Case Sensitivity options:

  • Do not add case sensitivity prefix

  • Generate a case insensitive patter (prefixes the generated pattern with (?i)) 

  • Generate a case sensitive pattern (prefixes the generated patter with (?-i))

Add Word Boundaries to the pattern

Surrounds the expression with word boundaries (/b)

Mark All White Space as Optional

When selected all whitespace will be marked optional (*)

Mark All Punctuation as Optional

When selected all punctuation will be marked optional (?)

Regular Expression Builder

Clicking Add or Edit opens the Regular Expression Editor window where an expression can be defined and validated. NOTE: Only user-defined expressions can be edited. 

Users can either entered the desired Regular Expression or type into the window what data needs an expression. Once the data is there users can click the Generate button and the builder will make the expression for you as shown below.

Entered Text: Invoice #494736RTGenerated Expression: (?i)\b[Il1|]nv[o0][il1|]ce\s*#[4A]9[4A]736RT\b


NOTE: Please see for more detailed information and tutorials on regular expressions.

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