Barcode Generator

The Barcode Generator allows the user to create barcode sheets for separation during capture. Users can also create, edit, and save templates for future use.

Ribbon Menu

 Creates a new template.

 Makes a template from an existing Capture Profile barcode separation settings.

 Load or manage pre-existing templates.

 Saves the current configured barcode sheet(s).

 Refreshes data from connected databases or any changes made in a Capture Profile.

 Clears all entered or populated data to start new.

 Opens the print dialogue in order to print configured barcode sheets.

 Takes the user to the barcode generator settings on the WIKI.

Output Page Title

Enter the title of the Barcode sheet to appear on the top of each page.

Barcode Settings

Under this tab, barcodes are added, defined, and formatted.

Data Population Settings

Allows the user to choose how the barcode index fields are populated: Manual, Database, or Text File.

Barcode Data

Displays the content of each barcode field. The user can also enter/edit data if manual population is selected. Each column represents an individual field, while each row represents one barcode sheet.