Capture Panes

Batch Viewer Pane

Displays the current progress of the batch being captured/imported. The current workflow type and Capture Profile is shown at the top of the pane, as well as a collection of various toolbars.

Capture Image Pane (Viewer window)

Displays the current image being captured or the image for the currently selected page when done capturing. The Viewer toolbar located at the top of the window has the same tools as the Viewer Ribbon.

Index Field Pane

The Index Field Pane in the Capture Module is used to enter index data for the folders and documents in the current batch. It consists of a list of the Index Data Fields defined for the current Capture Profile and textboxes for entering values for those index data fields. The values in the fields pertain to the currently selected document/folder in the batch.

To navigate between Index Fields, users can hit either the tab or enter key. When on the last index field of a document, pressing tab or enter will automatically move the cursor to the first index field on the next document. Users can also jump to any document in the batch by selecting it on the batch tree.

Upper File Browser Pane (Import Only)

Only available when performing import capture. Like a standard Windows Explorer, this window allows users to browse all local and network folders. The user can also specify via a drop down menu how PSIcapture imports the contents of a folder.

Selection by Files

The user must select the files within the selected folder that they would like to import. 

Selection by Directory

PSIcapture will automatically import all supported files contained within a selected folder. Contents of any subfolders will also be imported if the Include Subfolders box is checked (default). Only the files with the extension specified in the filter at the bottom of the File Browser will be imported. So, for example, if the directory contains PDFs and TIFFs and the filter specifies TIFF Images, only the TIFFs will be imported.

Include Subfolders

Check Include subfolders when using Selection by Directory. All folders below the selected folder will be scanned for images to import.


 Refreshes the contents of the File Browser.

Lower File Browser Pane (Import)

Displays the contents of the current folder.

The contents of the highlighted folder can be filtered using the File Filter selection list at the bottom of the pane.

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