PSIcapture 6.2, Patch 9


The latest version of PSIcapture is now available for public release. If any issues arise during your upgrade, please contact support. To help us make PSIcapture the best product possible, report any issues you find to your sales or support representative, or through our support portal at

Installation Procedure

Versions 4.6 and BELOW: Please upgrade to BEFORE installing 6.0.

Versions to 6.1.0.x: Uninstall current version, reinstall using Installation Package. Please contact your support or sales representative for assistance.

Versions 6.2.0.x: Update currently installed version using Update Package.

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where email notifications were not properly saved.
  • Fixed an issue which would incorrectly combine certain documents after making corrections with the ACE feature.
  • Fixed an issue where using OCR Assisted Indexing to trigger Lookups was not populating return values.
  • Fixed a very specific scenario which could cause the OCR counter to increment twice for a single page.
  • Fixed an issue where after a failed PSIsafe migration the connection settings were not retained causing a connection error.
  • Fixed an issue where index fields were not being populated after entering a key field on Lookup if user mouse clicked on the next return field.
  • Fixed an issue where using bottom-to-top sort order in multi-record smart zones resulted in incorrect index results.
  • In a very specific scenario, the ADE counter was incremented twice for certain pages. The licensing scheme has been adjusted to prevent this behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where setting the Max Batch DB Size to a value other than the default can cause shared batches to process slowly.
  • Fixed an issue where tabbing through date fields could produce an unhandled exception.

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