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Feature Enhancement

We added the option to restrict access to the service manager when trying to get there from within PSI:Capture. NOTE: We cannot control access to the service manager from within the start menu or program files.


Details such as name and email of a new user can be entered.


Define specific role(s) for the new user by checking the desired box(es). NOTE: The standard default roles are All Users, Administrator, No Permissions, and Utility User.

  • All Users – All users automatically belong to this role and cannot be changed.
  • Administrator – This role represents users that have administrative privilege for the system.
  • No Permissions – This role represents users that have no rights granted to them.
  • Utility User – This role represents users that are restricted to only accessing application utilities.


  • Details
  • Role Membership
  • History
  • Change Password
  • Enable
  • Delete


Brings up the “Edit User Details” dialog box for the highlighted user.

Role Membership

Edit specific role(s) for the user by checking/un-checking the desired box(s).


Displays the activity history of an user.

 The filter tool can be used in each column to narrow down the list.

Print History

Brings up the “Print Preview” dialog box allowing user to print out the selected user’s history list.

Export History

Exports the selected user’s history list to an Excel spreadsheet.

Change Password

Allows the user’s current password to be altered. NOTE: Passwords complexity is enforced.


Selected user(s) can be disabled. A disabled user will not be able to log in to PSI:Capture.


Completely removes the highlighted user’s profile.


Refreshes the screen to reflect any recent activity.

Find User

Find user filtered by name via drop-down menu or type ahead.






Filter by Role

Find user filtered by role via drop-down menu or type ahead.






Export to Excel

Export all user’s details to an Excel spreadsheet.

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