Add Role


Brings up the “Create Roll” dialog box where a name and description of a new role can be added.


Define specific modules accessible by members of this role by checking the desired box(s).

Document Type Permissions

Define specific document types accessible by members of this role by checking the desired box(es).


Select members to populate this role by checking the box(s).


  • Details
  • Role Membership
  • Permissions
  • Delete


Brings up the “Edit Role Details” dialog box for the highlighted role.

Role Membership

Shows members of the selected role, and enables adding/subtracting of users.


Allows changes of specific modules, accessible by members of this role by checking/un-checking the desired box(s).


Completely removes the highlighted role.NOTE:The four default roles (All Users, Administrator, No Permissions, and Utility User) cannot be deleted.


Refreshes the screen to reflect any recent activity.


Brings up the “Security Configuration” dialog box.

System Configuration


Sets the parameters for a valid password, such as maximum login attempts, password length, and characters required.

Event History

Sets the number of days user history is kept in the history log.

External Authentication System

Enables user to automatically login via Windows Security Provider(Default) or FileBound Security Provider. Other domain users may be imported via the “Import” button. When selecting “FileBound Security Provider” a server connection must be added by first clicking on the "Configure" button then "Add".

"Enable Automatic User Registration" dictates whether PSI:Capture will automatically login any users who are new to a particular computer. When set to "Yes," a default role may be assigned to this new user's login by selecting from "Assign New Users to Role" drop-down list. When set to "No Permissions", these new users will not be able to use PSI:Capture until an administrator reassign them new permissions and roles.

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