Activate Using Offline Licensing

In order to activate PSIcapture via offline licensing please follow the steps below. If you have any questions or run in to any trouble, please feel free to contact Support by email or by calling (949) 916-7700 ext. 2.

Open PSIcapture or License Server

Select the "Obtain License using offline activation" option from the list. Click on the "Continue" button.

Creating the License Request File

The next screen is "Offline Licensing". Select "Submit a new license request for this station". This will create the LicenseRequest.xml file that needs to either get uploaded to the Offline License Request portal (explained below) or alternatively you can email Support (

Please select the "Submit a new license request for this station" and enter in the License Key and the email in which you would like to receive the OfflineLicense.xml file. Click "Continue".

Next screen is Registration as shown below. Enter in the user information for the station and click "Finish". NOTE: Contact Name, Company Name, and Email are mandatory fields.

Once the "Finish" button is clicked, the user will be prompted to save the file named LicenseRequest.xml. Save the file in an easily, retrievable place and click "Save". A message will appear instructing the user to submit the file. 

Submitting License Request

There are two (2) ways to submit the request file:

Licensing Portal

The Licensing Portal is at:

Click the "Choose File" button and locate the LicenseRequest.xml saved to the computer. Once selected click "Submit". The user will be able to download the offline license file as shown below.

Applying the Offline License File

  1. Once the OfflineLicense.xml file is obtained, by either downloading it from the License Portal or receiving it via email from Support, then it just needs to go through PSIcapture.
  2. Open PSIcapture or the License Server. Select the "Obtain License using offline activation" option from the list. 
  3. Click on the "Continue" button. 
  4. Select "Install a license received from a previous request". 
  5. Click on the find file button in the entry area and locate the saved file titled OfflineLicense.
  6. Select "Open" and then click the "Continue" button. PSIcapture will validate the license and be ready for use.