Batch Manager Menu Bar

Contains drop down menus: File, Security, and Help.


Contains numerous commands, specific to the Batch Manager module.

Close Selected Batches

A completed batch can be closed and omitted from the Batch Manager list.

Close All Completed Batches

All completed batches can be closed at once and omitted from the Batch Manager list.

Delete Selected Batches

Deletes the highlighted batch(es), along with the associated image files from storage.

View Batch Information for Selected Batch

Opens the “Batch Information” dialog box. The button for “Modify Document Type Definition” as well as the “Batch Overrides” tab will not be available.

Show Closed Batches

Toggle to include/omit closed batches for viewing in the Batch Manager Pane.




Update Retention Settings

Batch retention settings of the selected batch can be changed. By selecting this command, the "Update Batch Retention Settings" dialog box opens up. Other batches of the same document type are unaffected.

Update Batch Path

The batch storage location for the image files can be changed to suit the user’s needs.

Reopen Selected Batches

A previously completed and closed batch(es) can be reopened for review.

Import Batches

A user can import batches into Batch Manager from a local or network location. The "Import Batches" dialog box will open.

Select Batches to Import

Once a storage location/directory of the desired document type is entered, this box will be populated with all the batches for said document type. Simply click on the check boxes next to each batch that needs to be imported.

Import Batch Manager

Select to import the batch(s) to either the local or shared batch manager (Capture Server.)

Import Settings

Select to keep the batch folder in the current location or move to a new location.

Export Selected Batches

The user can export highlighted batches out to a different location. The "Export Batches" dialog box will open.

Close Module

Closes the Batch Manager Module. PSI:Capture will remain open.


Terminates the PSI:Capture application.