Image Processing (QA)

Allows user to easily perform individual image processing to a specific page, document, or folder.

Selecting any of the processes will bring up a preview window showing the original image and the new image. The drop down list allows user to apply the process to the current page, document, folder, entire batch, or flagged items. To accept the new image, user must then click Apply.Example below is oneof Morphological Filters (dilation) applying to all items with Custom Flag 1.

Composite Image Processing

Useful if user wants to perform multiple processes at a time. Combinations of processes can be saved for later use in different profiles.

Run Image Processing Profile

Runs previously saved image processing profiles. Shows original image, new image, all saved profiles and their functions.

QA Auto Processing

Sets up automatic processing commands on index values. See “Auto Processing Settings” in "Document Configuration/Workflow" in the Administrative guide for more details.

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