Storage Tab

Configure Storage Locations

Add or Edit

Storage locations maybe added, edited or deleted. To delete select the desired storage name and then the delete button.

Storage Location Information

Each storage location must have a unique name, although more than one document type can use the same storage location. Storage locations maybe be either UNC path as shown above or mapped drive.

NOTE 1: Selecting a drive by using the Browse button\Network\Computer\share will place the UNC path in the “Storage Directory” field. It is Strongly suggested that you use UNC paths when running in a “Capture Server”/”Network Station” environment.

NOTE 2: Modifying a storage location path will not change existing batches or document types. You must reselect the storage location within a document type configuration after modifying it.


When the new Storage Location is saved, it will be added to the list of Storage Locations available for use throughout the system.

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