OCR Setup

NOTE: All settings should be defined previously by the system administrator. However, some users may wish to make adjustments to the individual batch’s settings to suit their needs.

Options available:

  • PDF (Image Only)
  • PDF (Image with Hidden Text)
  • Text

Engine Options

RecoStar is already selected as the recognition engine. User can also choose to perform image pre-processing or auto rotation during OCR.

User Dictionary

This option allows the user to add words to the user’s own dictionary. This may be helpful when performing OCR on specialized documents, such as medical documents.

Output Options

Select to output PDF Image Only, Normal, Image with Hidden Text, or Text Only. User can also choose whether to keep or delete folder/document separators, and not to output items marked with the Skip flag.

PDF File Options

PDF Conformance

Set the PDF file version generated by the OCR engine. Supported versions include PDF 1.4, PDF 1.5, and PDF/A.

PDF Document Field Options

The standard PDF Document Fields are: Title, Subject, Author and Keywords. The user can select any System, Batch, Folder or Document index field to populate any existing or new PDF Document Fields inside the created PDF file.

PDF Encryption

Allows you to password protect output PDF documents. You can assign a static password by entering it directly into one of the fields or assign an index field value to the password from the dropdown list.

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