Cabinet Direct Migration Configuration

Migration Settings Tab

Cabinet Connection Options

Server Address

Enter the machine name or IP address of the Cabinet server

Advanced Connection Settings

Cabinet Server Channel

Select HTTP or TCP

Cabinet Server Remoting Port

Enter the Cabinet Server’s remoting port number.

Cabinet Server TCP Socket Port

Enter the Cabinet Server’s TCP Socket port number.



Enter the Cabinet Database associated to this Document Type.

User Name

Enter the User Name for the selected Database.


Enter the Password for the selected User.

Document Routing Options

Enable Routing

Choose whether you would like to enable document routing. Choose from the following options:

  • Route by User
  • Route by Rule

When Routing by Rule you can select from the following:

  • Select From Existing - If there are any existing rules they should be listed here.
  • From Index Field - List of Index Fields created in the document type.

Cabinet Options


Select the desired Repository.


Select the desired Cabinet.

Document Key Field

Select the desired Document Key Field.

Based On Field
Having a Value of

Attach To Existing Document Key Field

Search On Field

Create new folder if no existing folder is found with matching value in the Search field defined on Field Settings - Selecting this will create a new folder in the selected cabinet if the data value in the selected field does not match an existing folder.

Update index fields on existing Folders - As described this gives you the option to update index fields on existing folders.

Output File Options

Output File Format

Choose from the following:

  • Migrate Tiff Images
  • Migrate OCR Documents or Non-Image Files
Document Manager

Select the Document Manager to be used with this type of document.


Select the file extension associated with the Document Manager chosen.

OCR and Non-Image File Options

Files To Migrate

Select from 

  • All OCR Files for Document
  • Single OCR File by Workflow position
  • OCR Files by file tags
  • Non-Image source file
Tags to Output

When OCR Files by file tags is selected, only files with matching image tags will be outputted. NOTE: Separate multiple tags using commas.

Folder Security Options

  • Select from Existing defined Folder Security
  • Select From Index Field

Document Security Options

  • Select from Existing defined Document Security
  • Select From Index Field

Tab Options

  • Select from Existing defined Tab option.
  • Select From Index Field

Retention Options

  • Select from Existing defined Retention setting.
  • Select From Index Field

Other Options

The user may wish to execute another windows application as a part of this migration. In order to accomplish this, the user must configure the following:

Application to Launch

Select the windows executable to launch.

Application Arguments

Supply any command line arguments, if any. These are supplied by the executable’ developer.

Launch Timing

The user can choose between the following timing options to launch the executable:

  • Launch application after each Batch is migrated
  • Launch application after all selected Batches are migrated

Common Tabs

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