Workflow Step

The Workflow step allows the user to define the modules and the order in which they will be used for a particular Document Type. Certain Document Types may require Modules and Workflow steps that others do not. Therefore, the program is flexible in its workflow sequence. The user defines the Modules and Workflow best suited to the needs of the particular project. The Workflow screen consists of two lists.

Available Workflow Modules

On the left hand side is the list of Available Workflows.


On the right hand side is the list of Modules chosen by the user. Use the Add and Remove buttons to add and remove Modules from the Workflow. Adding a module will launch the configuration screen for that module. Highlight any module the user wishes to remove and select Remove to delete it from the workflow. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order in which the Modules are to be run. The user may also choose to use a different tag name for the module. Selecting the field will allow the user to rename this module tag name as in the example below. The user can modify the settings of any module by selecting the desired module on the right side and selecting the Configure button.

Additionally selecting the  icon will allow the user to choose what color that name tag will be displayed in the Batch Manager and Batch select screens.





Workflow Options

Automatically close Batch after last module in Workflow is complete

Selecting this option will close a Batch from the system when the batch is closed out of the last workflow module (Completed).

Default Close Batch dialog action

The user may select one of the following three default actions when closing a batch: Close, Continue in the next Workflow Step or Suspend.

Close Batch

Close Batch and Continue in next Workflow step

Suspend Batch in Quality Assurance


Attempt to Auto Process Batch through Workflow

Batches will auto-close, auto-open, and begin processing in supported modules; Index, OCR, Migrations if this option is selected.

Automatically delete empty

Batches when Auto Processing Empty batches containing no pages or documents will be automatically deleted.

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