Validation Toolbar

Here we will go over the toolbar options available in the classification validation window. This window popups when you click on the "View Classification Results" option in the classification toolbar or under the file menu.

 Cancel - This closes the window and returns you to the module. For instance if you made some changes but do not want to keep them this is the button you would use.

 Save Classification Validation - This saves the changes you have made like which documents to reject due to errors.

 Pointer - This changes your mouse back to a pointer if you were using the select zoom tool on a document.

 Select Zoom - This tool is used to select a section of the document to zoom in on. It is a shortcut alternative to using the zoom in tool with scrolling bars.

 Zoom In - This tool zooms in the on document. Unlike the select zoom tool it does not select a specific section of the document.

 Zoom Out - This zooms back out of the document after using either the select zoom tool or zoom in tool.