Index Ribbon Menu

The ribbon menu includes: File, Home, ViewerSettingsSecurityUtilitiesWindow, and Help.


 Opens the Select Batch dialog box which will list only those batches that are in the Index workflow step. By highlighting a batch and clicking Select the selected batch will open.


Brings up the Close Batch dialog box. Prompts the user to select one of three options described below:

  • Close Batch - Closes the current batch. The user stays in the Index module, and the Select Batch dialog box comes up.
  • Close Batch and Continue in next Workflow step - Closes the current batch and the Index module. The batch is immediately reopened in the next module of the workflow. 
  • Suspend Batch in Quality Assurance - Suspends the batch in the Index workflow step for processing at a later time. The Index Module remains open and the Select Batch dialog box comes up.

 Opens the Batch Information dialog box. The button for Modify Capture Profile Definition as well as the Batch Overrides tab will not be available.

 Enables and disables manual key editing of index data in Data View.

 Turns on OCR indexing. When activated, the user may select the index field, then use the mouse to hover on the relevant text/numbers highlighted. With a left click, the data will be populated in the corresponding index field. NOTE: OCR indexing in Index module must be enabled. See Advanced Indexing in Capture Profile Configuration for more details.

These On Demand features shown above are used to perform OCR/ICR indexing in a region of the image drawn by the user. When activated, the user may select index field, then use the left mouse button to draw a zone in the Viewer pane, containing the relevant text/numbers. NOTE: This function is also known as "rubber band OCR/ICR" or "drag and drop OCR/ICR".

 Allows the user to configure Zone Definition Profiles during Batch Processing in the Index Module. The changes made will be applied to both the current batch and the Capture Profile defined in Configuration. See the Accelerated Zone Profile article for more information.

 Displays the zones for the selected document's index fields.

 Zooms to a specific index field zone. If the user is putting in the invoice number for example, when the cursor is placed in the field, the Viewer window will automatically zoom to where the index data can be found on the page.

 Allows the user to correct zones manually during the Index step. This is only for corrected the existing zones. Use Accelerated Zone Profile for creating new zones.


Open New Viewer - Opens a new viewer window if for example a user wants to compare two separate pages in a document.

Reset indexed Flags - Resets to default any flags manually or automatically made.

Index Setup - Opens the Index Settings for the current Capture Profile enabling the user to make changes during the workflow without having to close the batch.

Exit - Exits out from PSIcapture. NOTE: If a batch is currently open, the user will be prompted to close or suspend the batch.