Data Population Settings


This is the default setting. All field data must be manually entered in the Barcode Data section.


Barcode Data is automatically populated by performing a database lookup.

The supported database types are:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Informix Dynamic Server
  • ODBC Complaint
  • OpenLink Virtuoso Server

Define a Database by clicking the Select button. This brings up the Database Connection Setup dialog box. User can then browse for a database. Enter ID login, if the targeted database requires user authentication. Click Test Connection to test accessibility.

The formatting of the returned date/time/numeric data can be defined by entering letter(s) in the Format column. Clicking Format Help brings up a list of formatting expressions. The database query can be refined via various criteria. Clicking the Build button will produce the Query Builder dialog box.

NOTE: See Capture Profile - Advanced for further details on data lookup.

Text File

Automatically populates the Barcode Data by performing an import from an existing text file.