Here users will be able to find more detailed information on the Configuration Tabs.

NOTE: Configuration is no longer located in the Navigator section on the left. It is now in the Settings Ribbon menu.

Configuration is used to establish work station modes of operation, Capture Profiles, storage locations, automation, retrieval (optional feature), batch manager, shared counters, and viewer system-wide configuration settings. 

Capture Profiles Tab

Capture Profiles are used to control the PSIcapture workflow. 

Storage Tab

The Storage tab provides a list of every storage location used within Capture Profiles. If the storage location is modified here it will update the Capture Profiles using that location. After modifying the location a window will come up showing which Capture Profiles have been updated.

Regular Expressions Tab

The Regular Expressions tab displays a list of system and user entered Regular Expressions used with the PSIcapture Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) functionality. 

Global Lists Tab

The Global List tab is used to configure notes, custom flags, auto correction profiles, and user-defined form field types for use within PSIcapture. 

Shared Counters Tab

The Shared Counter tab allows for creation and management of numerical counters attached to one or more capture profile index fields. These counters are updated each time an index field is processed. 

Retrieval Tab

The Retrieval tab is used to manage repositories (databases) used by the retrieval module. These can also be configured and managed from within the Retrieval Module itself. 

Viewer Tab

The Viewer tab is used to simply set the default viewer settings based on capture profile. Options include Simplex and Duplex image view settings. 

Automation Tab

The Automation tab allows management of auto import on the local machine. All machines connected to the Capture Server will be listed along with their auto import status. Enabling Auto Import Service on the local machine will allow it to process any Capture Profiles configured to use the Auto Import feature. 

Batch Manager Tab

The Batch Manager tab allows configuration of default settings for Batch Manager. Requiring unique batch names, hiding local batch tab, and double click action from within batch manager are commonly used settings within this configuration. 

Capture Server Tab

The Capture Server tab is used to configure SMTP email settings, notification subscriptions (emails), support options (for resellers) and manage the service state (Standalone, Network Station, Capture Server). 

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