Viewer Ribbon Menu

This ribbon tab is contains numerous commands for page/batch viewing. It only appears in the modules with document preview panes which include Capture/Import, Quality Assurance, Index, and Retrieval.

 Changes the mouse cursor back to the pointer (from Zoom or Magnifier)

 Click and drag with the left mouse button to zoom in on a selected area on the image. To bring the image back to full size, double right-click.

 When selected, a left click will magnify the area on the document.

 Jumps to the first page of the document.

 Jumps to the page before the current page.

 Jumps to the page after the current page.

 Jumps to the last page of the document.

 Rotates the document 90 degrees to the right. NOTE: Users must click on the save rotation button to save your changes to the page.

 Rotates the document 90 degrees to the left. NOTE: Users must click on the save rotation button to save your changes to the page.

 Saves the current rotated page.

 Page Layout

There are two page layout options:

  • Simplex - The standard method of viewing shows one page at a time in the Viewing Pane.
  • Duplex - Shows two consecutive pages (top and bottom) in the Viewing Pane. This is useful to view the front and backside of a page simultaneously.

 Zooms in on a page.

 Zooms out on a page. 

Users can choose from any of the following zoom options:

  • Zoom Level
    • 10%
    • 25%
    • 50%
    • 75%
    • 100%
    • 125%
    • 150%
    • 200%
    • 400%
    • 800%
  • Actual Size
  • Fit Page
  • Fit Width


When Capture Progress Viewer is enabled, the user can change the thumbnails displayed in 1 of 4 sizes.

  • Smallest
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

 Toggle Standalone Viewer - When toggled the preview/reviewer window pops out into a separate window.


ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN IN THE RETRIEVAL MODULE. Reveals the annotations command menu. These are the same commands found in the annotations toolbar. NOTE: This menu item is only visible if Toggle Annotation Editing is enabled.

  • Text Tool
  • Freehand Tool
  • Line Tool
  • Polyline Tool
  • Rectangle Tool
  • Polygon Tool
  • Ellipse Tool
  • Stamp Tool