Batch Manager Reporting Database Overview

Table Overview

The Batch Manager database contains the following tables. Generate reports using the tables highlighted in bold:

BatchManagerInternal configuration information – do not modify
CountersThe current value of each user-defined counter – do not modify
DatabasePropertiesVersion information – do not modify
ManagedBatchesThis table drives the Batch Manager screen within PSIcapture. Deleting a batch removes its entry from this table.
Stats_BatchesThis is the parent table for batch reporting. It contains all batches, deleted or otherwise. Use this table to determine the batch name, the document type name, the path where the batch was stored, the current batch status, etc.
Stats_BatchHistoryEach time a batch is opened in a workflow module (Indexing, QA, etc.), a batch history record is added to this table. It records the start and end time for the module, the user ID of the person working with the batch, how the module was closed, and “before and after” counts for the batch’s folders, documents, records and pages.


These tables record details for each Stats_BatchHistory row. The table linked to the row depends upon the value in the Module column. For example, a row for a batch’s Index step has a corresponding row in the Stats_IndexStats, which records Index module statistics.

Column Values / Explanations

Most of the columns and their values are self-explanatory. However, a few require further explanation:

Stats_BatchesStatusIntegerOpen = 0, Completed = 1, AutoClosed = 2, ManuallyClosed = 3, ManuallyDeleted = 4, AutoDeleted = 5, Archived = 6, Exported = 7, Imported = 8
Stats_BatchesIsLocalBooleanIndicates whether the batch was generated from a Local document type or a Shared document type (setting on Step 1 of Document Type Configuration)
Stats_BatchHistoryModuleCloseTypeIntegerSuspended = 0, Closed = 1, ClosedOpenedInNextModule = 2, Rejected = 3
Stats_BatchHistoryModuleStatTypeIntegerCaptureStats = 0, QualityAssuranceStats = 1, IndexStats = 2, OCRStats = 3, MigrationStats = 4, ClassificationStats = 5

Entity Relationship Diagram

The following page contains the ERD for the Batch Manager database as generated by Sql Server Management Studio. A larger PNG version of this diagram can be downloaded by clicking here.

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